Cosmetic Surgery

In the Brentwood field of cosmetic surgery, there exist many fears that can even make individuals think twice or shy away completely from going through the procedure. But you will find that most of the fears are based on hearsay and not proved to be true. Here, we will have to study or rather look at the most common held myths in regard to plastic surgery and at the same time look at the real facts that prevail in this field. Remember there are a couple reliable Brentwood plastic surgeons if you are interested in looking into them.

First of all, let us look at the common held beliefs in regard to the plastic surgery and then facts of the same.


  • Plastic surgery is believed to belong to vain people only.
  • A doctor or a physician offering the services should be certified in the plastic surgery field before undertaking any procedure.
  • It is also believed that plastic surgery as a process is not a big deal as such.
  • It is believed that you will be able to predict the results or rather the outcome of the cosmetic surgery. They mean that the results are obvious.
  • There is always a common misconception that fats that are usually removed during the process of liposuction will always find its way back.
    It is also a held misconception that you can do plastic surgery and then heal properly without leaving any scars.
  • There is also hear say that when you use Botox, your facial muscle will be freezed.
  • It has also been spread that plastic surgery is performed for the famous and rich only.


By undergoing plastic surgery in Brentwood, you will be able to correct various types of problems, such as birth defects, injuries and even abnormalities. It is also able for it to change the appearance of an individual and, as a result, improve his or her self-esteem and confidence.

The only requirement for a physician to undertake a surgery is to ensure that he or she has a medical license. This is usually the main reason you are advised to ensure that the physician you want to deal with has got certification of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Also ensure that his clinic has been accredited.

By undergoing plastic surgery, all the necessary procedures done under normal surgery are observed. Anesthesia is still administered, and the patient will experience a certain amount of pain as well. The procedure has got its risks and as such the surgeon will have to offer guidance on how you can manage pain.

Most of the time, it will depend on the experience of a surgeon who is undertaking the surgery. An experienced one will do the job better and as such look natural while a botched one may destroy even your initial look.

For you to remove fat from concentrated areas in the body, liposuction is used, though, under extreme circumstances, it will not be able for you to remove such cells. For liposuction patients, they are always needed to exercises and eat right for them to maintain a healthy appearance and weight.

You may experience loss of functionality when a surgeon injects too much of Botox into the muscle. When an experienced and trained surgeon does the injection, you will see a better result without the unnecessary side effects.

After the incision has been made, a scar will remain. By undergoing any surgery, expect to see at least minimal scars.

Over the past years, costs for undergoing plastic surgery have reduced drastically and as such it has become accessible to many people. Majority of the doctors have opted to offer payment options to their patients and as such, it has become affordable as one can pay in installments.

Regardless of the number of myths you may have held, you will find that cosmetic surgery still is your viable option if you’re from Brentwood and most other areas. You can ask a qualified surgeon your questions. Ensure that you are not swayed away from undertaking such a task just by basing on the unfounded myths.

You will always be required to take the necessary step to accomplish your dream of undergoing plastic surgery, if only you don’t believe in the unfounded beliefs. If you have got any doubts about a particular procedure or fact, consult a qualified surgeon to take care of your answers.

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